POOR MISS FINCH by Wilkie Collins

POOR MISS FINCH by Wilkie Collins

19 November 2010

Next Serial, Coming Soon! Margaret Oliphant's Miss Marjoribanks

Dear Serial Readers,

Instead of Gaskell's CRANFORD, we'll start reading a novel by a new writer for this blog, Margaret Oliphant's MISS MARJORIBANKS, serialized initially in BLACKWOOD's EDINBURGH MAGAZINE from February 1865 to May 1866. It appeared in fifteen monthly installments (with a gap in the January 1866 issue), so we'll take fifteen weeks to read it.

Q. R. Leavis described this novel's Lucilla Marjoribanks as "the missing link" between Austen's Emma and Eliot's Dorothea Brooke, yet "more entertaining, more impressive and likeable than either." This novel is the fourth in a series of seven titled THE CHRONICLES OF CARLINGFORD, but like Trollope's series (CHRONICLES OF BARSETSHIRE, a likely model for this one; we've read one of those--THE SMALL HOUSE AT ALLINGTON), these novels stand alone and don't require moving through the novels in order.

There are several volume editions available. The Penguin edition (see cover image) provides asterisks to show the serial breaks, but I will also include that information for each upcoming reading segment. You can also find the novel in an electronic version either through Victorian Women Writers Project or the link to the left here. If you know of another online source, please post a comment here about that!

We'll begin our reading in about a month, with the first installment (chapters 1-4)for the week of December 13th (I'll post a comment around that date). We should finish the novel the week of March 21st.

So do get ready, Serial Readers, for this next reading adventure! Pass the news along to anyone who might be interested.

Serially yours,